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 24 May 2022

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Endoscopy practice and safety

Editors: Jerome Waye, Christopher Williams, Douglas Rex
Colonoscopy overview
Jerome Waye, Christopher Williams, Douglas Rex
Colonoscopy indications and contraindications
Angelita Habr Gama, Paulo Roberto Arruda Alves and Douglas K. Rex
Screening colonoscopy: rationale and performance
David Lieberman
Difficult polypectomy
U. Seitz, S. Bohnacker, S. Seewald, F Thonke, N Soehendra, J. Waye
Managment of malignant polyps
Sidney J. Winawer and Michael O'Brien
Flat and depressed adenomas in the Western hemisphere
J. Pasricha and G.S. Raju
Colonoscopy and severe hematochezia
Dennis A. Jensen and Gustavo A. Machicado
Endoscopy in inflammatory bowel disease
Geert D'Haens and Paul Rutgeerts
Pediatric colonoscopy
Marvin E. Ament and George Gershman
The future of colonoscopy
Paul Swain

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The potential of interferon and nucleos(t)ide analogue combination therapy in chronic hepatitis B infection

Recurrence of autoimmune liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease after pediatric liver transplantation

The aetiology of primary Budd–Chiari syndrome – differences between the West and China

Extracorporeal liver support devices for listed patients

Extracellular vesicles in liver pathobiology: Small particles with big impact

Pregnancy in the liver transplant recipient

Anorexia nervosa complicated by surgical emphysema and deranged liver function tests by S Sithamparanathan, Z Hasan A Bakshi, G Mackenzie
S Sithamparanathan, Z Hasan A Bakshi, G Mackenzie

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